fez to chefchaouen day trip

Explore with Great Morocco Tours  in one of our famous tour ” Fez to Chefchaouen day trip “,

fez to chefchaouen day trip

Chefchaouen is a small town situated in the high Moroccan Rif mountains. It attracts many visitors; Moroccans and foreigners. What makes it special are its decorated blue alleys and houses. Not to mention its big Plaza and the beautiful view of its river.

With Greatmoroccotours; stroll safely in Chefchaouen alleys and discover its special craft art items. Fez to chefchaouen day trip takes you on a beautiful journey where to explore Ras El Ma flowing river. Along the river; you can observe women washing their clothes beside it. You will certainly love to sit in there for a short time and take some photos.

During this day trip; we are going to discover the main “Plaza Utta El Hamam” square in which you can see the whole buildings of CHEFCHAOUEN. It is time for you then to relax and enjoy the panoramic views in one of the restaurants there.

We will drive you to your accommodation when Our Fez to chefchaouen day trip ends.

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