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Great Morocco Tours is a Moroccan touristic Agency based in Fez. The agency provides many amazing, unforgettable, and special collections of trips and tours. The collections include Fez Day Trips, Fez Desert Tours and Transfer around Morocco, this is all to give you the best experience in Morocco and let you know it as never before, discover its beauty, its history and traditions, and the generosity of its people,

Great Morocco Tours enjoys the best transportation and vehicles, which will ensure you comfort, safety, and enjoyment, along with professional and experienced, flexible and understanding drivers and guides.

We are excited for you to join us and experience with us the beauty of Morocco, its cities and towns, all with Great Morocco Tours, whose team is ready to arrange special and unique trips and tours that will suit your schedule and desire, this to have the best experience and memorable times in Morocco.

For more details, please have a look of our Fez Day Trips, Fez Desert Tours, and Transfer around Morocco, to know more about each pack and each trip or tours; or simply Contact us.